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I am the figment of the human mind called time tick…tick…tick. Always moving and never allowed to stop; the one that can’t afford to look back but only forward. Though my life plays out in milliseconds, details are over-analyzed like second nature, and lives become my investment. Pain, laughter, and despair, paired with destruction, cycles, and monuments. My world is of wisdom and responsibility, but these events pass by, keeping me the bystander. The longing to freeze is overshadowed by the obligation to keep moving, keep working, and keep going, going, going, becoming expendable to those who use me. Acknowledgement of my existence is desired – but it can’t be this way. Bound to routine, one lapse in focus and what has amounted to the present becomes meaningless in an instant. Relied upon by many people, I am spread thin to the point of fracture, fragmentation, breaking. Just as the batteries in a clock, there is a plateau to my abilities. I must move along to the rotation of the earth, and move along to the tune of a tick … tick … tick.

Mindlessly Meticulous: Becoming accustomed to the minuscule details, to the point of making over-analyzing a part of one’s second nature.

This statement sums me up in a nutshell. Hello! My name is Aaron, I am a student, a helper, and a person that is always moving on to the next thing that needs to be accomplished (hence, the metaphor about time). I am a hardcore bookworm, love walking out and about in nature, and am instinctively a deep thinker. I often believe that I possess an old soul, based on my maturity within society, but I fully embrace that aspect of my personality.

The meaning behind the naming of the blog is because many perceive me as someone who seems like the perfect, stereotypical Asian. Because of that, I become so overwhelmed by my own expectations, I push myself over the edge of sanity by doing things to the extreme. By having my whole day in my agenda filled to capacity with red, green, blue, and black ink, and having over 30 alarms set on my phone, many people only see me as composed externally, but am exploding from stress internally. So I choose to keep a straight face when I am with others, and only let my mask fall when I am alone. My emotions are easily read on my face, but not many choose to take a closer look as they are occupied with their own tasks.

In this blog, I will be posting some of my written works about some topics from my own perspective, interpretation, and experiences. From topics ranging from stress and school, to my views on the current events that are affecting our society, I am inspired to write when it comes to me. I am looking forward to post my perspective of the world around me, and I know that this will be an outlet for my soul and creativity.



Rahman, Monoar. “Clock.” Pexels, www.pexels.com/u/monoar-rahman-22660/.
Clock gif. giphy.com/gifs/clock-tick-tock-IZcjxKQNbOOly.

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6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Dearest Aaron,

    What a wonderful introduction into you blog! I feel as though through your metaphor of time and your “deadly duo” (mindlessly meticulous), your reader is able to authentically see who you are as a person – kind and intelligent among a multitude of other positive characteristics.

    I have had the utmost pleasure of knowing you for the majority of our schooling career; however, it is not until I read this page that I understand what makes you tick (pardon my pun). Specifically, you have this quote which allowed me to truly see into your soul.

    “My emotions are easily read on my face, but not many choose to take a closer look as they are occupied with their own tasks.”

    This quote ultimately speaks to the kindness found in your soul. It is as if you only where your mask for others, you sacrifice your own well-being for others, and that – my friend – is truly inspiring. Thank you!

    In terms of improvement I would offer that you center your GIF. I would like to see this because it would satisfy my inner organization freak (and probably yours). To satisfy my greedy side, I would have liked to see more content in your deadly duo. Despite my (meticulous) suggestions, never stop writing!

    All the love,

    Vic 🙂

    1. Dearest Victoria,

      Thank you so much for the feedback you have given me, and I do also agree this metaphor and “deadly duo” is very fitting of who I am. I acknowledge and LOVE your pun (so adorable :D), and thank you for being able to see a part of who I am as an individual through this post!

      And to address both of our issues with the GIF, I am unfortunately not able to center it for some reason, as the option to shift it left, center, or right is not available. I am unsure whether or not it is because it is a GIF, rather than a .jpg, but I am not able to center it. 🙁

      And thank you for the encouragement to keep writing. I will not let you down. 🙂


  2. Dear Aaron,

    Aaron, what a great piece you have here! I love how you explored the idea you chose and implied your concepts in such a soothing matter. One thing I found unique is your choose of form. A lot of people would put this piece in a poem form following stanzas, but you chose to do something different, and went for a paragraph style instead, which I enjoyed because it is something different. Another thing I enjoyed was your choose of tone, your tone added depth to your piece, and with the tone I felt as I could also relate more to your piece.

    An area of improvement can be in the beginning of the piece. I think you should end off your first sentence with “tick…tick…tick…”, and start your second sentence on the next line. Also at the end of the paragraph I think you should end the pargarph with “tick…tick…tick…”, because you are talking about time, and time never stops.

    This was a great piece! I really enjoyed reading it, and I am excited to read more of your work in the future!


    1. Dearest Maha,

      Thanks for noticing the format I used for this piece! I sometimes choose to do pieces in poem form, but in works like this one, the poem form felt too constricting, and it becomes somewhat of a stream of consciousness, but with more effort in details and structure. And thank you for commenting on my choice of tone. It is greatly appreciated. 🙂

      And in regards to your improvement, I will be applying that to my piece after I have posted this reply. Thank you very much for your comments, and I definitely will be posting more for you to read!


  3. Dear Aaron,

    Your writing is amazing! The ability you have of tying every metaphor and idea together brings your pieces to life. The way you describe concepts with such smooth phrases really create a vivid image and it makes the writing so much deeper. This particular piece allowed me as a reader a peek at your own struggles and soul felt feelings, especially in phrases like:

    “Reliant on so many of those around me, I am spread thin to the point of fracture, fragmentation, breaking. ”

    As an area of improvement, I would suggest that you move the following sentence to the last paragraph because, to me, it feels odd to have it at the end of the first paragraph since it seems more like an ending statement to the whole piece.

    “In this blog, I will be posting some of my written works about some topics from my own perspective, interpretation, and experiences.”

    I think you are an amazing writer and I really hope to read more incredible and mind-blowing pieces from you!

    With Love,
    Vaishali ♥

    1. Dearest Vaishali,

      Thank you so much for enjoying my writing! This is the first time I have let the world see what I write, and how I write it, so it’s a pretty scary first step. But I am glad you liked it, and I thank you for your compliments.

      In response to your suggestion for improvement, I have taken it into consideration and have moved that passage to the last paragraph to provide more flow of each paragraph. Thank you for that!

      I have posted a new piece, so I hope you get the chance to read it. Otherwise, thank you so much for your input. 🙂

      With Lots Of Love Back At You,

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