March 2019

(Images are taken from the Goodreads website link attached to the title of the book)
(Included are my ratings and my personal descriptors of the book.)

March 2019:

Total Books Read: 1

Total Pages Read: 320 pages 

1) Love Is Both Wave and ParticlePaul Cody (5/5 Stars) (320 of 320 pages) (Mental Health, Vulnerability, Unique Plotline and Premise)

Something that I enjoyed while reading this novel was the use of different perspectives per chapter. Sometimes, this approach may be distracting or detrimental, but Mr. Cody made it so these shifts in perspectives added to the establishment of the plotline and character background. Rather than having Sam and Levon tell their history, Mr. Cody uses those who have had interactions with them to tell their perspectives. From Sam’s father to a sixth-grade student who interacted with Levon, it provided a lot more depth and constructed characters, which is always a positive. There was some romance in this novel, but I felt it did not take away from the plotline, which I am content with. Overall, a very interesting novel that I am looking forward to adding to my bookshelf. 

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